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Professors Willing to Write my Essay?

Is this a real thing?

You must be thinking “there’s no way, professors willing to write my essay? Yeah right” but indeed, yes, in this day and age great research paper for sale .

To say that the internet has given students unlimited resources for their studies and homework it’s an underestimation. The internet offers students way more than web pages filled with the needed information on certain topics.

Instead of web pages just offering information there are now pages that are willing to do your papers for you if the price its right. Professors and professionals alike are more than willing to write your essay if you can afford it.

How did it begin?

writing an assayThis new development in online student resources come from platforms that offer several services where freelancers of all types are looking for clients and vice versa as well as for students looking for people that can do their homework for them. A lot of these people are teachers themselves that are looking to make extra money by writing the papers other teachers send to their students.

There are whole platforms dedicated to finding the right professor to write your essay; they even come with options for profiles, reviews, price and of course the button that will allow you to hire them. This also steams as result of those pages allowing educators to create online classrooms where they can teach classes to particular students, but just like real life education the pay is per hour, so pages dedicated to offering to do the student’s homework arrived as another way to make extra cash.

Is it worth it?

As a student, you might be thinking that having a professional write your essay might be risky because other professors will easily spot if one of their own did the job but since we are dealing with professors that know you are going to present this project as a student for another professor to revise they will obviously apply the correct measurements to make it look like you wrote the whole thing yourself so in that sense its worth if you want an easy, perfect grade.

What made professors turn to this in the first place?

done for youYou can take into consideration some factors as to why a professor will offer a service like this knowing that they would probably give an F to a student that didn’t write their paper themselves.

The lack of money it’s the most prominent and important reason. Everyone knows that educators don’t make much; if they don’t have enough hours they might struggle to come to ends meet but thanks to the internet making it easy to sell pretty much every service possible, it opened the doors for these educators to make some extra money at the side.

If students are willing to pay someone else to do to their papers why not pay the actual educators for their knowledge instead? It’s a win-win situation for everybody and even if it’s not ethical or morally correct educators have the right to get benefits from a side hustle like everyone else in the internet advertising their services.