The most common interview questions

We are living at a time when the job market is severely flooded. With millions graduating every year, scarcity in the job market has become a normal thing. Many finish school with the hopes of landing a source of income immediately only to wait longer. This has forced some to start their businesses or settle for a job they did not specialize. Others are lucky to find employment. During the job hunting period, you may be subjected to a lot of interviews because of some of your applications that go through. Getting that email or notification that you have been shortlisted is always a nervous moment. There is a state of confusion because one ponders on how they will represent themselves in the interviews.

Visit insti.de/bewerbung/vorstellungsgespraech/selbstpraesentation-beispiel/ to get some tips001 on self-presentation during a job interview. Sending a Curriculum vitae during job application gives the organization some little information about you. That is why most of their questions will be centered on what you presented before them. You should be calm and collected throughout this period. Prepare in advance and present yourself articulately. One should also know that an interview can go both ways so whenever they say they will be in touch, do not anticipate too much but be patient. There are several questions asked in most interviews which you should know. They include.


Give a brief explanation of yourself

This is always the first question in most job interviews. You should understand that this question is meant to make you feel comfortable throughout the process. Explaining yourself can be easy but still tough if you are not prepared.  Telling bits about yourself will make you feel part of the conversation. You should prepare in advance on how you are going to present yourself.


Explain your responsibilities

This question is always based on what is on your CV or resume. You should know what is in those documents before going for an interview. Giving a contradicting information will be a reason for you missing out on the job. Highlight some responsibilities that go handy with your new job requirements.


Why you want the specific job

002You should understand why you applied for the said position. The employer will want to gauge how interested you are in the post you applied. Did you apply out of passion or just for the money? Give out clear reasons how your career objectives match the job description. Tell them what you are ready to do for the company.